Water Pump Pliers 1

Titanium Water Pump Pliers

Used in Aerospace, Aviation, Military, Hospitals, etc. | Lightweight, Non-magnetic, Strong and Durable | Used for turning and holding bolts and nuts, gripping irregularly shaped objects, and clamping materials.

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Product # Size Length (mm) K (mm) Product Category Material Weight (g) PriceQuantity
TT5206-1004 200mm 200 25 PliersTitanium 100 $556.57
TT5206-1006 250mm 250 32PliersTitanium 220 $687.85
TT5206-1002 150mm 150 16 PliersTitanium75 $460.18

Additional information

Weight N/A
Product #

TT5206-1002, TT5206-1004, TT5206-1006


150mm, 200mm, 250mm

Length (mm)

150, 200, 250

K (mm)

16, 25, 32

Product Category




Weight (g)

75, 100, 220


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