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Titanium Hinged Handles

Used in Aerospace, Aviation, Military, Hospitals, etc. | Lightweight, Non-magnetic, Strong and Durable. | This tool allows the user to impart considerable torque to fasteners, especially in case where corrosion has resulted in a difficult-to-loosen part.

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Product #SizeC (inch)Length (mm)Product CategoryMaterialWeight (g)PriceAdd to Cart
TT5304-10041/2"*250mm1/2"250Hinged HandlesTitanium210$401.86
TT5304-10023/8"*190mm3/8"190Hinged HandlesTitanium138$300.72

Additional information

Weight N/A
Product #

TT5304-1002, TT5304-1004


3/8"*190mm, 1/2"*250mm

C (inch)

3/8", 1/2"

Length (mm)

190, 250

Product Category

Hinged Handles



Weight (g)

138, 210


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