Stainless Steel Wrench, Hook

Made of 304 stainless steel| Die forged, great for corrosive environments| The adjustable hook applied to many sizes avoids changing frequently, easy to use.

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Product #Length (mm)Product CategoryMaterialWeight (g)Size (mm)PriceAdd to Cart
ST8123-1002140Wrenches304 Stainless Steel6030-32mm$75.31
ST8123-1004170Wrenches304 Stainless Steel9034-36mm$87.44
ST8123-1006176Wrenches304 Stainless Steel10040-42mm$99.09
ST8123-1008209Wrenches304 Stainless Steel15045-50mm$110.75
ST8123-1010212Wrenches304 Stainless Steel16052-55mm$120.28
ST8123-1012244Wrenches304 Stainless Steel21058-62mm$127.64
ST8123-1014250Wrenches304 Stainless Steel25068-75mm$134.52
ST8123-1016284Wrenches304 Stainless Steel37080-90mm$149.24
ST8123-1018288Wrenches304 Stainless Steel41095-100mm$163.93
ST8123-1020337Wrenches304 Stainless Steel700110-115mm$177.27
ST8123-1022343Wrenches304 Stainless Steel750120-130mm$184.09
ST8123-1024388Wrenches304 Stainless Steel1050135-145mm$190.83

Additional information

Weight 60901001501602102503704107007501050 g
Dimensions N/A
Product #

ST8123-1002, ST8123-1004, ST8123-1006, ST8123-1008, ST8123-1010, ST8123-1012, ST8123-1014, ST8123-1016, ST8123-1018, ST8123-1020, ST8123-1022, ST8123-1024

Length (mm)

140, 170, 176, 209, 212, 244, 250, 284, 288, 337, 343, 388

Product Category



304 Stainless Steel

Weight (g)

60, 90, 100, 150, 160, 210, 250, 370, 410, 700, 750, 1050

Size (mm)

30-32mm, 34-36mm, 40-42mm, 45-50mm, 52-55mm, 58-62mm, 68-75mm, 80-90mm, 95-100mm, 110-115mm, 120-130mm, 135-145mm


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