Double Box Offset Wrenches 1

Stainless Steel Double Box Offset Wrenches

Made of 304 stainless steel | Die forged, great for corrosive environments | Used to tighten or loosen bolts and nuts, suitable for use where space is narrow or deep concavity

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Product #SizeLength (mm)Product CategoryMaterialWeight (g)PriceAdd to Cart
ST8107-05075.5*7mm115Wrenches304 Stainless Steel22$43.35
ST8107-06076*7mm115Wrenches304 Stainless Steel25$43.82
ST8107-07097*9mm130Wrenches304 Stainless Steel50$45.56
ST8107-08108*10mm130Wrenches304 Stainless Steel55$46.42
ST8107-09119*11mm140Wrenches304 Stainless Steel70$47.68
ST8107-101110*11mm140Wrenches304 Stainless Steel80$48.55
ST8107-101210*12mm140Wrenches304 Stainless Steel85$48.98
ST8107-121312*13mm160Wrenches304 Stainless Steel120$53.75
ST8107-121412*14mm160Wrenches304 Stainless Steel151$55.48
ST8107-141714*17mm220Wrenches304 Stainless Steel205$59.38
ST8107-161816*18mm220Wrenches304 Stainless Steel220$65.39
ST8107-171917*19mm250Wrenches304 Stainless Steel225$67.12
ST8107-172217*22mm250Wrenches304 Stainless Steel290$70.15
ST8107-181918*19mm250Wrenches304 Stainless Steel295$71.02
ST8107-192219*22mm280Wrenches304 Stainless Steel310$74.05
ST8107-192419*24mm310Wrenches304 Stainless Steel355$76.18
ST8107-212321*23mm285Wrenches304 Stainless Steel405$82.24
ST8107-212621*26mm320Wrenches304 Stainless Steel450$87.44
ST8107-222422*24mm310Wrenches304 Stainless Steel455$93.07
ST8107-242724*27mm340Wrenches304 Stainless Steel520$112.48
ST8107-243024*30mm350Wrenches304 Stainless Steel550$115.95
ST8107-252825*28mm350Wrenches304 Stainless Steel580$118.98
ST8107-263226*32mm370Wrenches304 Stainless Steel640$126.29
ST8107-273027*30mm360Wrenches304 Stainless Steel705$133.65
ST8107-303230*32mm380Wrenches304 Stainless Steel805$154.40
ST8107-303630*36mm395Wrenches304 Stainless Steel1050$196.06
ST8107-323432*34mm400Wrenches304 Stainless Steel1080$208.53
ST8107-323632*36mm405Wrenches304 Stainless Steel1145$223.69
ST8107-343634*36mm420Wrenches304 Stainless Steel1165$230.62
ST8107-364136*41mm445Wrenches304 Stainless Steel1600$292.82

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Weight N/A
Product #

ST8107-0507, ST8107-0607, ST8107-0709, ST8107-0810, ST8107-0911, ST8107-1011, ST8107-1012, ST8107-1213, ST8107-1214, ST8107-1417, ST8107-1618, ST8107-1719, ST8107-1722, ST8107-1819, ST8107-1922, ST8107-1924, ST8107-2123, ST8107-2126, ST8107-2224, ST8107-2427, ST8107-2430, ST8107-2528, ST8107-2632, ST8107-2730, ST8107-3032, ST8107-3036, ST8107-3234, ST8107-3236, ST8107-3436, ST8107-3641


5.5*7mm, 6*7mm, 7*9mm, 8*10mm, 9*11mm, 10*11mm, 10*12mm, 12*13mm, 12*14mm, 14*17mm, 16*18mm, 17*19mm, 17*22mm, 18*19mm, 19*22mm, 19*24mm, 21*23mm, 21*26mm, 22*24mm, 24*27mm, 24*30mm, 25*28mm, 26*32mm, 27*30mm, 30*32mm, 30*36mm, 32*34mm, 32*36mm, 34*36mm, 36*41mm

Length (mm)

115, 115, 130, 130, 140, 140, 140, 160, 160, 220, 220, 250, 250, 250, 280, 310, 285, 320, 310, 340, 350, 350, 370, 360, 380, 395, 400, 405, 420, 445

Product Category



304 Stainless Steel

Weight (g)

22, 25, 50, 55, 70, 80, 85, 120, 151, 205, 220, 225, 290, 295, 310, 355, 405, 450, 455, 520, 550, 580, 640, 705, 805, 1050, 1080, 1145, 1165, 1600


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