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Stainless Steel Adjustable Wrenches

Made of 304 stainless steel | Die forged, great for corrosive environments | It is suitable for different sizes of fasteners by adjusting the opening size.

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Product #SizeLength (mm)Product CategoryMaterialWeight (g)PriceAdd to Cart
ST8115-100418*150mm150Wrenches304 Stainless Steel135$102.19
ST8115-100624*200mm200Wrenches304 Stainless Steel281$131.01
ST8115-101036*300mm300Wrenches304 Stainless Steel720$198.52
ST8115-101246*375mm375Wrenches304 Stainless Steel1410$294.39
ST8115-100213*100mm100Wrenches304 Stainless Steel33$83.86
ST8115-101455*450mm450Wrenches304 Stainless Steel2261$375.06
ST8115-101660*600mm600Wrenches304 Stainless Steel4705$654.89

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Weight N/A
Product #

ST8115-1002, ST8115-1004, ST8115-1006, ST8115-1008, ST8115-1010, ST8115-1012, ST8115-1014, ST8115-1016


13*100mm, 18*150mm, 24*200mm, 30*250mm, 36*300mm, 46*375mm, 55*450mm, 65*600mm, 60*600mm

Length (mm)

100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 375, 450, 600

Product Category



304 Stainless Steel

Weight (g)

33, 135, 281, 440, 720, 1410, 2261, 4705


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